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GoodFish x Vericatch

We want our customers to have convenient access to all the relevant traceability information for their fish purchases. Our tuna boats use Vericatch E-Logbook software to keep track of catch data for each fishing trip . This information is uploaded to the Vericatch KnowYour.Fish database to create a Catch ID QR code for each fishing trip. Scan the QR code on our labels to instantly see the captain, boat, gear type, trip dates and fishing area. You'll find all the information you need to ensure our fish is the right choice for you. We're proud of our work with Vericatch and look forward to expanding this program to other fisheries in 2023 and beyond!

Ok, "Traceability" is important, but why?

Seafood is a globally traded commodity. Each country's labour laws and fisheries management are different, and some countries do a better job than others at maintaining standards we would consider ethical. Canada's fisheries management for much of the Pacific, is considered best in class internationally.

Traceability is important because it gives you, the consumer, the information you need to buy fish that aligns with your values. It allows you to identify if your fish is being caught sustainably, in a well managed fishery, by fishers who care about what they catch. Click below to see our small fleet of boats.

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Transparency & Fairness

Transparency and fairness are two key principles of what we do at GoodFish.

We promise to communicate openly with our customers and our team about what we are seeing and doing out on the water.

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