Albacore Tuna


This is not your traditional canned tuna. Starting with our sashimi-grade frozen albacore, our canned tuna is then hand-cut into portions, packed one at a time and preserved through the canning process. It’s cooked in its own juices—no oil or water added—to maintain the high quality of the natural flavor and texture. A delicious, super healthy snack or meal that will go anywhere with you. Our cans are BPA free. Scan the QR code you see on the can label to find out the traceability info for the can you are eating. The boat, captain, fishing area and landing date of the fish are all logged and tracked through Vericatch's e-log software and ensure you know where your tuna came from!

Buy them by the case to save a little per can.

Surface Troll

Spring 2023

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